Why Are Plastic Bags Bad for the Environment?

Why Are Plastic Bags Bad for the Environment?


Plastic bags are banned in eight states. This has resulted in criticism and pushback from people who find these bans harmful or inconvenient.

But most of us aren’t aware of plastic bags’ extensive damage to the environment. We’ve heard some concerns regarding landfills, but the harm from plastic bags is much more detrimental to the environment than we realize.

Are you interested in learning more about why using plastic bags is so bad for the environment? Read on to learn more.

Environmental Harm From Plastic Bags

Plastic bags start as fossil fuels that end up in landfills or on the ocean. Moreover, the fossil fuel industry plans to boost production by 40% in the next ten years by building petrochemical plants that turn fracked gas into plastic.

These gasses, mixed with other toxins, release into the air when exposed to sunlight in landfills. And the bags that don’t end up in landfills end up in the rivers and oceans where they are often mistaken for food by the sea life.

It’s problematic enough that this is killing the sea creatures, some of which are endangered, but consider that humans eat fish, drink water, and breathe air. It’s now believed that human beings are ingesting a credit card’s worth of plastic each week. Does this sound healthy to you?

Use Environmentally Friendly Bags

People don’t understand that failure to care for the environment isn’t just for future generations. Plastic bags and the fossil fuels they are made from are poisoning all of us right. That’s why we need to embrace different types of bags that cause less harm to the environment.

For example, start using your own reusable bags when going to grocery stores. You can wash, dry, and reuse these bags for years, and you won’t be adding to the build-up of plastic bags in landfills.

However, this issue goes beyond grocery shopping. You may still use plastic bags for other purposes, such as garbage. Consider making a switch to recyclable bags for those needs as well.

Compostable bags are an excellent alternative to plastic bags, as they are biodegradable and can be reused for up to three months. These are great for at-home uses, and they are also being adopted by stores and businesses that are taking environmental concerns seriously.

Steps like these involve minimal inconvenience if any at all. Take these steps, and you’ll be doing your part in preserving the environment for present and future generations.

Compostable Bags From Dirtbags Bioplastics

Now that you understand how plastic bags harm the environment, you can start making some adjustments to help reduce that harm. And if you’re a business owner who relies on bags for consumers or for other needs, Dirtbags Bioplastics is here to help you make those changes.

We provide compostable, reusable, and eco-friendly bags for the sake of caring for the earth. By using our bags, you’re partnering with us in our committed efforts towards preserving the environment and all who live in it.

If you’d like to start protecting the earth by using our bags, contact us today.

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